About Us

We’ll Get You Home

These words define the Planet Home Lending experience. We’re a company focused on supporting and strengthening those we serve, driven by a belief that creating a connection under a common cause is what leads to happy homeowners. You can rest easy knowing you’re cared for during the most important financial moments in life.

With Planet at your side, you can live confidently through a lending process that is committed to unrivaled quality and guided by a truly local perspective. We’re your neighbors and members of the community you call home, all part of a nationwide team of experienced and dedicated professionals who prioritize service and borrower success above all else.

Simply put, if you succeed, we all do. That is why we operate with the belief that we’re all in this together, committed to harnessing the full power of the Planet Family of Companies to ensure comprehensive safety, security, and well-being throughout what for many is a life-defining journey to homeownership.

Planet Home Lending is a full-service mortgage expert and true partner for people looking to buy a home or refinance their existing one.

Your Compass

Our goal is to get you home faster by creating a path forged by committed precision. Speed and accuracy are the foundational pillars of the Planet process. We work hard to ensure you’re always pointed and moving in the right direction.

Your Toolkit

We offer the perfect blend of people, products, and processes to get you home seamlessly. We believe that you should know your options and feel at ease and empowered throughout the process.

Your Partner

Communication, compassion, and mutual understanding define the Planet service experience. We view each borrower through an individual lens, focusing on what we can do to help you succeed with lasting relationships you can trust.