Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Quick! How fast can you pay off your mortgage?

The longer it takes to pay down your principal, the longer it takes for you to own your home free & clear. How fast can you pay off your mortgage? Check out Planet's Early Pay-Off Calculator.

Here are 2 great ways to go:

15-Year Fixed Rate Loan

Pay thousands less in interest over the life of your loan than you would pay on a 30-year fixed rate loan. Lock in a low interest rate!

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15-Year FHA Loan or 15-Year VA Loan

Have less equity in your home? Want to pay less closing costs? Consider an FHA mortgage. Are you a veteran? Let’s discuss the #1 choice for veterans looking to refinance – a VA Loan.

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Plus, with Planet Home Lending:

  • Track your loan status through Planet's exclusive My Loan feature
  • Take advantage of our Competitive Lender Fees
  • Never hear a word of “Mortgage Mumbo Jumbo”