Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Planet Home Lending, LLC (“Planet”) would like to thank you for your service as well as provide you with helpful information you may need during active duty.  

Planet is committed to providing assistance and protections to those who serve our country.  Therefore, Planet has policies and procedures that ensure compliance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act ("SCRA"). At Planet, we appreciate the service of our country’s military personnel and are prepared to assist in any way possible.  

The SCRA provides legal protections and rate relief to those in military service as defined under the SCRA including: 1) full-time active-duty members of the five military branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard); (2) Reservists on federal active duty; (3) members of the National Guard on federal orders for a period of more than 30 days; (4)  Servicemembers absent from duty for a lawful cause or because of sickness, wounds or leave are covered by the SCRA:  (5) Commissioned officers in active service of the Public Health Service (PHS) or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are also covered by the SCRA; and (6)  Spouses, domestic partners or dependents of a covered servicemember are covered as well.

  • A Servicemember under the SCRA is only entitled to mortgage interest rate relief and foreclosure protections if the loan originated prior to the period of military service.

Interest Rate Reduction: The interest rate reduction is temporary and will return to the prior rate one year after the end of active-duty military service. If the Servicemembers original rate was higher than 6% during the term of active duty, the difference will be permanently forgiven retroactively.   Loan obligations obtained after entering an active-duty service period are not covered.  To obtain the reduced rate, please send Planet a written notice with proof of military service.  Under the SCRA, orders must be provided within 180 days of the end of active-duty service.

Foreclosures and property seizures such as repossessions are prohibited without a court order during the servicemember’s active military service, and for one year thereafter. Additionally, eligible Servicemembers will automatically receive protection from default judgments, repossession, evictions, and foreclosures without a court order.

Who is not eligible for SCRA relief?

Those not eligible under the SCRA include:

  • Individuals who received their loan or credit while on active duty in military service are not eligible under the federal SCRA for the 6% interest rate cap or the protection from non-judicial foreclosure or repossession.
  • National Guard members, unless called to active duty by federal or state orders.  National Guard Servicemembers on state active duty are eligible for the SCRA rights and protections if they are serving under Title 32 under a call to active service by the President or the Secretary of Defense for more than 30 days.  
  • Military veterans whose service completion date is beyond 180 days are no longer eligible under the federal SCRA to request the 6% interest rate cap.


State law protections

Note, if you were called to active duty under state-issued orders, there are some states that provide similar benefits and protections for National Guard members.  Check with your state or call us for general customer service assistance.  If you have specific questions regarding relief under the SCRA or state law, you may want to contact your superior officer, JAG officer, or personal attorney.

Military service documentation

Please send us a copy of your military service documentation, such as active-duty orders or commanding officer letter.  You may log onto our website at to securely upload your military service documentation. CLICK HERE

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Homeowner counseling is also available at agencies such as Military OneSource at: 1.800.342.9647 or and Armed Forces Legal Assistance at Legal Assistance at:  and through HUD approved housing counseling agencies, which you can find at

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